The PHDA is proud to offer Scholarships and Special Events to our dancers. You can help by making a donation to support these scholarships.

Cecelia Buckley Spirit of Dance Pre Premier Scholarships

The PHDA Board has designated that a percentage of fundraising dollars to be awarded to Pre-Premier dancers in the form of dance scholarships. Each time a Pre Premier dancer competes in one of the three PHDA indoor competitions and/or attends a PHDA sponsored workshop, the dancer’s name will be entered into a drawing to be held at the spring competition. The PHDA will award a minimum of two scholarships annually.

NW Regional Representative Scholarships (Premier Dancers)

A dancer who qualifies to represent the NW Region at the USIR is eligible for Regional Representative funds, if that dancer is member of the PHDA, has competed in or coached a competitor in two PHDA competitions during the year.